The composer behind CrusaderBeach

CrusaderBeach is the pseudonym of composer Adrian Webster – a self-taught pianist from the North West of England whose neoclassical solo piano pieces blend captivating melodies with emotive moods.

Originally from the seaside town of Blackpool, he now resides in Macclesfield, Cheshire with his wife Karyn and has been composing since early childhood…

“I’ve been making up compositions on the piano for as long as I can remember. My family owned an upright piano which was kept in my bedroom, so for me as a kid it was like having an amazing toy to enjoy for hours on end. I’ve never taken lessons and still can’t read music, but from a young age I naturally developed my own playing style through composing my own melodies.”

Adrian continued to compose privately for his own pleasure for many years, and it was only in later life that he began releasing his music publicly – initially posting original piano compositions on YouTube under the artist name CrusaderBeach.

Now, with over 12M YouTube views, 4M Spotify streams and more than 16K sheet music sales in over 50 countries, CrusaderBeach’s beautiful, original piano compositions are enjoyed by piano players and listeners worldwide.

CrusaderBeach piano music has featured on the BBC and is a popular choice for TV/film projects and weddings. The CrusaderBeach album ‘Piano Perspectives’ won Classical Album of the Year (Runner-up) in the awards.

The story behind the name

“I grew up by the coast in Blackpool and would often while away hours at a stretch of beach known as Crusader Bank – named after the Crusader, a ship which ran aground during heavy storms in 1839. This vast, sandy beach stretches down to the quaint town of St Annes and the remains of its fire-damaged pier jetty, a photo of which features on the cover of my first album, Piano Songs.

For me, this serene location was a great place for creative inspiration. So when I was choosing a name for my music profile, CrusaderBeach immediately came to mind. When you listen to my piano music, I hope it also takes you to a place that’s personal to you. So, relax and enjoy your time at CrusaderBeach.”

Adrian signature

Making a difference: CrusaderBeach Forest

CrusaderBeach aims to make music sustainably with the least impact on the planet’s resources and climate. To lessen its business footprint, CrusaderBeach is committed to reducing its own CO2 emissions.

Also, to compensate for unavoidable emissions from the production, distribution and consumption of its music, CrusaderBeach has partnered with the environmental organisation Ecologi to fund a CrusaderBeach Forest and other climate initiatives. Thanks to your plays of CrusaderBeach music, over 500 trees have already been planted.

🌱 Sustainability pledge: CrusaderBeach will contribute an amount from all sheet music sales and streaming revenue to support tree planting and impactful climate projects.