The composer behind CrusaderBeach

The story behind the name

“I grew up by the sea in Blackpool and would often go and enjoy a stretch of shore known as Crusader Bank. It was named after a ship called the Crusader which was wrecked on the sandbank during storms in 1839. The dunes at Crusader Bank stretch down to the town of St Annes and the remains of its fire-damaged pier jetty. A photo of this features on the cover of my first album, Piano Songs.

For me, this serene location was a great place for creative inspiration. So when I was choosing a name for my music profile, CrusaderBeach immediately came to mind. When you listen to my piano music, I hope it takes you to a place that’s personal to you. So sit back, relax and enjoy your time at CrusaderBeach.”

Adrian signature
St Annes pier jetty on Crusader Bank
CrusaderBeach composer Adrian Webster at grand piano
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