Enhance your project with beautiful piano music

How to use CrusaderBeach piano songs as background music in your media

  1. If you're creating a personal video...

    To use CrusaderBeach music in a personal, non-commercial YouTube-only video, you do not need to purchase a license. Simply download the song you want from Amazon or a similar digital download platform, and place in your video. Please mention in your video description that music is by CrusaderBeach.

    Don't worry when you upload to YouTube if you see a 'copyrighted content' notice stating that ‘CD Baby’ is the claimant - it’s just to inform you that 'CD Baby' is administering the music on behalf of CrusaderBeach and it has been recognised by YouTube’s Content ID system.

  2. If you're creating a professional project...

    To use a recent CrusaderBeach piano song as background music in a professional media project (such as a corporate video, commercial advert, game, podcast, telephony on-hold music, film, TV or radio production), a non-exclusive, pre-cleared music license is easy to purchase from Pond5 (earlier songs are available to license from CD Baby Licensing ).

Performing and mechanical rights affiliation

All CrusaderBeach solo piano music has been composed, performed, recorded and is owned by Adrian Conrad David Webster (CAE/IPI: 702739746). All songs are registered in the United Kingdom with PRS for Music (PRS for performing rights and MCPS for mechanical rights) and with PPL (for performer and rightsholder rights).

For metadata on individual works, such as ISRC and ISWC identifiers, please visit MusicBrainz